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About Us

Our Mission

To develop an all-round learner with a strong CHARACTER, a positive ATTITUDE for EXCELLENCE. This we do by combining sound intellectual, spiritual, social and moral physical growth grounded in a firm Christian Foundation.


Who We Are

St. Petroc Premier School is a Christian boarding school offering the 8-4-4 Curriculum. We have strong commitment to academic excellence and a high level of discipline. Children are accepted from those joining play group all through to class 8.

St. Petroc Premier School is not just an academic school; there is a strong emphasis on the moral and spiritual development of thechild. Everydaybeginswithadevotiontimeeitherwithin a tutor group or in a collective school assembly. Every pupil follows a course in Christian Religious Education and is encouraged to follow the principles that God has laid down for us.


To be a leading centre of Excellence in Kenya and the East African Community.

“To teach and coach our children can be harder than taking care of them daily”